Two for the Price

By Roger Baker

FICTION/Murder Mystery

Having recently become acquainted with her biological father during their one and only meeting, Abigail is stunned by a disturbing article in the morning Gazette. The article names her father as the victim of death by exposure near his exclusive residential care facility. He had told her to expect a bequeath of a secret portion of his fortune. To her shock, his attorneys contact her and she learns she is heiress to a tidy sum from his estate.

Only four short years later, she reads the paper and learns of another similar incident at the same facility! Compelled to ease the new grief she feels, she searches for information and finds various indications that the deaths may not have been accidents. Could they have been someone else’s calculated actions? Murders perhaps?

Who is Roger Baker?

He is our Author:

Roger Baker retired from teaching school after twenty-nine years of service. During his career in education, he used storytelling as a means to enrich his classroom presentations and capture the attention of his students. 

For a short period of time after his retirement, a slight infirmity curtailed his vast other interests and activities. He then turned to writing, filling what would have been many unproductive hours with his return to storytelling, this time with his pen.

He and his wife reside in central Missouri. Two for the Price is his first published book.