À la carte Services

Book Cover Design

If you are a DIY kind of author, you still need to have a professional book cover which speaks both to your genre and the material within your book. Compass Flower Press is lauded for the cover work provided to our authors. We’ll work with you to make your cover fit the bookshelf it will rest on in the bookstore, and satisfy your vision using original photography or artwork — not stock images anyone can find online.

Book Layout

Don’t touch that book layout template!

When you are ready to submit your book to the reader, you want to make sure it looks fabulous first. There is nothing more wonderful for a reader to see their book-of-choice laid before them in an easy-to-read style. They don’t know what to call the common mistakes found in books formatted using templates, but they still notice them. Your writing is good enough to show off, so you need to present it well.