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Compass Flower Press offers great alternatives for authors thinking about taking the self-publishing plunge. You don’t need to rely on a sight-unseen, completely virtual self-publishing house when you can work with a team here in Mid-Missouri—Currently because of the Stay at Home Order, we cannot meet in person, but we can use online videoconferencing, phone, and email to keep the process moving ahead and stay on schedule.

We understand some authors prefer to keep their book private, while others want to push full speed ahead with the goal of quality mainstream literature and genre publishing.

You may even ask yourself, "Why not go it alone?" Many authors do, and we're here to help you achieve your goal of producing a stand-out book with our professional editing and text layout services. And, yes, we can help with professional cover services, too.

Go ahead. Take the plunge. Contact Compass Flower Press for your free one-hour consultation on the phone or in a Zoom Conference online in Columbia, Missouri and find out first-hand how you can get the help you need for your project. Naturally when the health risks have abated, we will want to meet in person!

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Editing Services

You’re probably feeling psyched about your book cover and the interior layout, but has your book been professionally edited? (By someone who provides editing services for a living, not a friend or relative.) Learn more

À la carte Services

If you are a DIY kind of author, you still need to have a professional book cover which speaks both to your genre and the material within your book. Learn more