Is It Time to Self-Publish?

You’ve always wanted to publish your book. You’ve written something you think needs to be out there. Maybe you have submitted your book to publishers, and been turned down because the publisher doesn’t think it will be easy to sell. Perhaps you’ve tried to get an agent and been unsuccessful. You might have spent many years trying myriad routes to publish and navigating all the steps is overwhelming. That is where we come in. We know the steps and have the resources.

Well, maybe self-publishing is for you! “But what exactly IS self publishing?” you might ask.

Quality self publishing is achieved by finding a company like Compass Flower Press to take on your project, hire editors, ensure professional formatting, and develop a beautiful cover. A self-publishing house is a lot like a building contractor. The biggest thing this means is that you are charged for the work that goes into your project in a similar manner to how a quality building contractor charges for the steps taken to build a home or building. Compass Flower Press has built a team of professionals focused on quality, because their reputations depend on it. 

We can build your book from the ground up with your vision and writing at the core of the project, and with focus on quality work every step of the way. Compass Flower Press: Making beautiful books—in paperback, hardback, and ebook.