Rogue Patriot

Here’s an excerpt from Rogue Patriot: …”This time they’re in a hurry to launch,” Richardson said. He put a large red circle on the map, centered on the launch site. The circle took in all of Japan, Taiwan, Guam, North China, Eastern Siberia, and a bit of Alaska. “That missile is capable of putting a twenty-kiloton warhead on target anywhere in this circle.” …”they know our satellites are seeing this. In the past, prior to putting a missile on the pad, there was a pronouncement from the Kim government about ‘peaceful use of space’ by the People’s Republic of North Korea. As of now there has been nothing.” …”Sir,” Chief of U.S. Naval Forces Western Pacific, Admiral Hallam said equably. “Request latitude in rules of engagement. Request authority to fire on my order.” The Secretary of Defense shook his head. “Sorry, the answer is no. You do not have authority to fire. Only I will give you that authority, is that clear?” Hallam glanced at his watch. The North Koreans were preparing a launch right now. Their nuclear warhead was unaccounted for, most likely being installed on the Tae Po Dong, the target of the attack unknown. And my own government says to do nothing but sit and wait.