The Reverend and the Peacemaker

Fiction/Alternate history

by Roger Baker

Captain James R. Cole was the third generation of the Cole family to carry the same pistol into combat. James believed he knew the story of the old Long Colt-the “Peacemaker”-a 45 caliber revolver. The first of his family to carry the gun was his grandfather, who handed it down to James’ father.  His father handed down the weapon to James along with the tales of his grandfather’s wartime experiences and stories of his own combat, and all involved the same unique revolver. James recalled his own experiences with the old weapon in the jungles of Vietnam. The ancient weapon seemed to possess an aura of protective power over the soldier who carried it in combat.

However, in the Vietnam War, the long Colt would protect only Captain Cole’s life, thus he was the only survivor when his small command was overpowered in a fierce battle. Badly wounded, and grief stricken from the loss of his men, he resigned his commission and dedicated the rest of his life to the care and welfare of others through gospel ministry.

Little did he know that national problems would hound him in his new life, or the role the old Peacemaker would play.

As he attempted to build a life for himself and his new family in the Old South, James would face ridicule as a veteran of the Vietnam War, racial unrest, and Islamic intervention. But with God’s grace, the love of his beautiful wife and children-and perhaps some “other worldly” assistance from the old Colt, he pursued life in a sometimes dangerous, but fulfilling manner.

About the author

Roger Baker retired from teaching school after twenty-nine years of service. 

During his career in education, he used storytelling as a means to enrich his classroom presentations and capture the attention of his students.

He has been spending leisure hours of  his retirement with storytelling, now with his pen.

He and his wife reside in central Missouri. He has one previously published book, Two for the Price.