The Brothers Barnhart

Literary fiction

By Nyle Klinginsmith

Twenty-five-year-old Dale Barnhart moved to Philly to find himself after he graduated from college at the University of Missouri. Originally he planned to complete his Masters there, but discovers he is burned out on school and withdraws to find gainful employment. He feels independent and successful in his banking job and in the friendships he has developed. Then, after three years, his job goes sour, and his girlfriend chooses nursing school over him.

Tragedy strikes in his hometown in Missouri, and Dale must attend the funeral of his best friend from high school who has left behind a young widow and son. On the flight, his seatmate engages him in conversation, and he learns of a good job opportunity he might qualify for, one that would be an hour from his hometown. Connecting with family and friends from childhood at the funeral influences his decision to pursue the job, and to make the move to be closer to his family. Within a short time, he finds himself back in Missouri to stay.

The job he accepted as lead man in the mortgage and development firm takes a twist when his boss brings a family member into the company, which significantly changes Dale’s duties and potential for advancement.

In addition to Dale’s uncomfortable situation at work, an unexpected rivalry with his younger brother arises over the woman he cares about and hopes to marry. While Dale struggles to find a personally satisfying solution for himself and still hold the family together, he finds a connection from Philly may hold the key to what he should have been reaching for all along.

About the Author

When he was in ninth grade, Nyle Klinginsmith told his English teacher he had an idea for a novel. He even had an outline for the story. His teacher didn’t doubt that he could do it, but advised him to wait a few years, gain more life experiences, and hone his writing skills.

After earning his degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Mr. Klinginsmith began his career with Columbia Public Schools where he served as a teacher, counselor, and administrator for thirty-eight years.Some sixty years after announcing his intent to his teacher as a youth, he returned to his writing project. This first novel is the result

Klinginsmith lives in central Missouri enjoying retirement with his wife, Barb.