A Vessel for the King

Vessel for the King

by Sue Ann Jackson

Children’s read-aloud picture book

About the Book

Any casual onlooker would have thought all the clay the King’s potter dug out of the clay bank was just ordinary gray clay, but one lump named Adam had big dreams. He was convinced he would play an important role in the King’s palace. After all, he was a chosen piece of clay from the King’s clay bank! The day the potter dug him out was only the beginning of the journey, for Adam had no idea of all the things he would learn, and just how important he would become. A Vessel for the King is a fanciful story filled with original watercolor illustrations by the author. The story could be considered a fable as well, as Adam grows spiritually while learning many of the valuable lessons we all try to teach our children including perseverance, letting go of fear, and the value and rewards of giving oneself freely.

About the Author

Sue Ann Jackson is an imaginative artist who has not only been a painter for over 35 years, but also explores other creative outlets, and is a gifted story-teller. She lives with her husband in Fulton, Missouri.