Unforgettable World Wonders

Unforgettable World Wonders

by Wayne P. Anderson


About the Book

This is a travelogue that gives readers the bonus of reportage and essay through the eyes of a professional trained in social observation, and possessed of insights of a world traveler who has been to sixty-five countries and six continents. Anderson’s long academic career as a psychologist gives him a unique perspective from which to view the world’s many and exceptional places and myriad peoples — and to write about them in an entertaining and educational way. His stoic Scandinavian heritage perhaps gives him the delightful, wry sense of humor with which he salts his many stories. …It is a rich compilation of well-written and informative travel literature. For those of us who enjoy the world of vicarious adventure to be found in good books, Wayne Anderson’s latest offering provides an excellent antidote to the days when we cannot be ‘on the road.’ …We feel our senses come alive as we read of travelers bargaining with craftsmen in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, or experiencing the thrill of taking the tramway to the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. We want to stay longer at the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, Ayers Rock in Australia, China’s Great Wall — so many other exotic places — but our guide assures us that new horizons await. And indeed, in Unforgettable World Wonders we continue to explore our wondrous world.

About the Author

Wayne P. Anderson, PhD has written a weekly travel column for the Columbia Daily Tribune for over 20 years. With a sparkling and informative wit, he shares his delight in exploring the offbeat, upbeat, unexpected, and mysterious.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Missouri-Columbia, he is an award-winning teacher who continues to teach a variety of special interest classes for Osher Lifelong Learning and other venues in central Missouri. He and his wife, Carla, who also co-writes and edits with Wayne, have traveled extensively both on their own and with their four daughters.