Telly’s Tail

Telly’s Tail

by Deborah Sue Crews

Children’s read-aloud picture book

About the Book

Imagine if you will, a tightly wound little pig who just can’t stay out of trouble! Telly can’t bring himself to tell his loving Mama about the unfortunate encounter with Mr. Wolf that puts Telly’s life in a tailspin, so ends up involving everyone in the barnyard that he thinks might help him get things straightened out. This wonderful read-aloud story will surely captivate the hearts of children and parents alike. It will be the most requested book in your child’s library! This is Debbie’s first book for ages four months to the ‘I can read’ stage. It was created from a short nursery rhyme written for her son, which you will find at the end of the story.

About the Author

Deborah Sue Crews grew up in Minnesota. She is the second oldest child of seven, and mother of three grown sons. Debbie traveled extensively while serving in the U.S. Navy and now lives with her husband, Mike and two sons in Columbia, Missouri.