Sailor’s Mail

Sailor’s Mail

by Marsha Norris Knudsen


About the Book

Sailor’s Mail isn’t just a World War II story, it’s a love story. Sixty-three years after Homer Norris served in the United States Navy, his daughter discovered a family trunk filled with memorabilia from the 1940s, and skillfully reconstructed her parents’ WWII experience. The newlyweds’ lives are abruptly changed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Homer’s letters vividly depict the honest emotions of a sailor who battles fear, homesickness, boredom, and physical demands while never losing his sense of humor. Ruth’s diary and scrapbooks reveal her life on the home front and expose her fear that her husband might never return. The book is an inspiring testament to the power of love and one man’s unparalleled determination to get back home to his beautiful wife-the love of his life.

About the Author

Marsha Norris Knudsen is an educator, historian, and public speaker. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Speech and Dramatic Art from the University of Missouri. During her career, she taught English, creative writing, public speaking, and acting. For twenty-five years she and her husband worked together in their portrait studio business. Marsha lives in Columbia, Missouri.