Breakfast at Earl’s

Breakfast at Earl's

by Von V. Pittman

About the Book

“Von Pittman’s unique voice makes even a dusty museum in Prague come alive. His Skewed imagination takes you into situations that ring true even if (perhaps) they aren’t real. His wry outlook makes university politics not just interesting, but actually gripping, and his sense of humor and eye for detail will transport you to times and places you’ve never really been. Warm Witty, and insightful, a great read.” —Frank Montagnino, writer

About the Author

Von Pittman has had the honor and pleasure of administering programs and teaching in the distance education units of four first-rate state universities. 
He has collected many prizes and awards for his writing, and his fiction and nonfiction have been published in many anthologies, magazines, and other publications dating from his working days to the present. Von is now retired and lives in Mid-Missouri.