Wallace H. Graham

by Wallace Harry Graham


About the Book

This beautifully written autobiography exposes a man filled with natural curiosity and layered with tales of interest generated from a full and engaged life. Engaging and laced with humor and humanity, the book chronicles Dr. Graham’s fascination with life from his youth through his service as Field Surgeon in World War II. Wallace Graham’s life experience prepared him well to become President Truman’s physician. The volume also features an Introduction by Von V. Pittman, Ph.D. of United States Diplomatic History, and a Foreword and Afterword by Dr. Graham’s daughter, Heather Graham Foote, as well as two sections of photographs.

About the Author

Wallace Harry Graham was born in 1910 and died in 1996. He reached the highest ranks in the military and was a natural writer. He was a devoted family man, as well as a Scout, boxer, and a notably highly organized and dedicated general surgeon. He was so revered by those who met him, that Graham was asked to be President Truman’s physician, and remained Truman’s family physician until both Harry and Bess died.