Paintings and Musings from the Heartland

Paintings and Musings from the Heartland

by Dorothy Canote

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About the Book

Dorothy Canote’s book is a journey through the eyes of a keen observer, laid on paper in watercolor, largely of her hometown and rural past. Nostalgic images fill the pages, complemented by her often humorous voice, and always as astute in her writing as her painted observations. Sharing a past with other baby boomers, Canote brings forth vivid memories of a bygone era in her works depicting the landscape and buildings of her past. Also showcased are images of bridges from the past and present with a fine hand held brush, and a conversation with the reader of the whys and wherefore of these bridges. Quite a journey encompassing many interests, forces, and memories can be had by all who venture into the pages of “Paintings and Musings from the Heartland.”

Available in Hardback only