For Such a Time As This: Flavors and Recipes of My Honduras

For Such a Time As This: Flavors and Recipes of My Honduras

by Sarah Kohnle with Heidy Lanza Baca

About the Book

When Heidy was just a little girl, she started learning about baking from her grandmother Andrea.Her bread was legendary in the small village and Heidy would go door-to-door selling it.

If Heidy closes her eyes, she can almost picture her grandmother Andrea, wearing her modest, yet faded shin-length dress, her long dark hair secured in a bun. A few gray strands slipping out as she works over the outdoor fire as the sun rises, her rough hands stirring a large pot of maize. These memories connect Heidy Gissela Lanza Baca to her maternal grandparents, who lived in a peaceful village miles away from the bustling Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa where Heidy grew up. Spending vacation time with grandparents was precious, and something she and her many cousins treasured. Their grandmother always had many people around. She was always ready to serve anyone who came by their home.

Sarah Kohnle met Heidy through her mission trips to Honduras, and through time she developed the idea and plan to bring Heidy’s heritage through Honduran recipes to the world in this cookbook. In a bilingual format, you will find both English and the Central American Spanish of each of the recipes presented.

Released February 2020

About the Authors

Sarah Bunce Kohnle loves to give others a voice through story. As a journalist, she covered stories across the heartland of the United States, and credits her start to the third-grade Daily Gazette in Fargo, N.D. She is the managing editor for a state association for educators and she and her husband, Mark, reside in Missouri. Sometimes she shares her voice through fiction ( Her first visit to Honduras ten years ago inspired her and she is the Honduras arm for the Foundation for the Higher Good.

Heidy Lanza Baca has lived in Tegucigalpa, Honduras all her life. Sharing her family recipes is a way for her to preserve her heritage. Presented here are three generations of her lineage through food. Heidy is a full-time missionary through the foundation Who is Our Neighbor. She and her husband have four children.