Dharma & Eldon and the Sandwich

by Kristina and Nicholas Linke

About the Book

When Dharma the Donkicorn and Eldon the Elephant wrestle over issues of fairness and sharing with friends, Felicity the Fish is right there to help. Felicity teaches them fun songs to keep a positive mindset while maintaining focus. Dharma, Eldon, and their friends all benefit while learning to clear physical and mental hurdles. This constructive story will capture the imaginations of all the children in your life.

About the Authors

Nicholas works in Mid-Missouri as a science teacher with degrees in biology, philosophy, science education, curriculum and instruction. His creative outlets include writing, illustrating, and maintaining his Stink Finks YouTube channel of his three children. Writing this book with his wife and illustrating it for her to paint has become one of his most treasured projects, because he hopes it makes adults look at problems we overcomplicate through the simpler eyes of children.

Kristina loves to work with her hands, from working as an American Sign Language interpreter to painting and baking vegan goodies. An avid environmentalist and mother of three, she hopes to inspire adults to leave behind something beautiful for our children to inherit. As an advocate for the underdog, she dreams of providing both equal visual and auditory access to children’s stories with her knowledge of sign language as well as her passion for reading to others.