Sarsaparilla Sue and the Sassmouth

Sarsaparilla Sue and the Sassmouth

by Julie Barnett

Children ages 8-12

About the Book

Sarsaparilla Sue is not your ordinary girl. She’s smart, mannerly and thoughtful. So it’s not terribly surprising that Sarsaparilla is also an amateur scientist in her room—in her spare time. But what comes out of her mouth after one of her experiments surprises everyone! Her snarky retorts and seemingly selfish sassing are out of control and she intends to find out why! And she had better hurry! It’s back to the science books for Sarsaparilla, where she is destined to meet none other than the Sassmouth! Illustrated by Jesse Starbuck.

About the Author

“Julie Barnett began writing at the age of nine, when she wrote the play, “The Princess and the Ragdoll.” She has her own history with the Sassmouth, but she’d rather not divulge the details. She holds a Masters of Education from the University of Missouri and is a children’s librarian. She lives in Columbia, Missouri with her husband and three daughters. This is her first published book.