Flight: Collected Poems

Flight: Collected Poems

by Greg P. Busacker

About the Book

Greg P. Busacker deals with every subject imaginable. This does not seem odd for a poet, and particularly for a man in his late seventies. What a showcase of a life led with both purpose and fulfillment. These poems speak to all of us, of love, life, and the many facets of joy and strife. One can truly appreciate what human life is all about from a practical as well as emotional, and philosophical point of view while reading this book—slowly, ever so slowly with a savoring for the love of words.Busacker’s second volume of poetry shows his ability to treat nearly every subject matter with a deference, yet the honesty of a single stroke of a pallet knife. His skills are newly honed since his last book, Edges of a Life, and poetry lovers are in for a treat once again.

Released March 2020

About the Author

Greg Busacker is compelled to write because of his fascination with language and our many uses of it for self-expression, including poetry. 
Greg comes from a background of self-reliance and agriculture with his family as the keystone of his development. Rooted in the land and its people, he writes from inspiration, introspection, and experience. 
Greg lives with his wife, Carol on a farm in central Missouri.